10-Second Strategy for Boosting Testosterone

We now have guys in their 20's and 30's with the testosterone levels that might be expected for men in their 80's.

That's why today's featured topic couldn't come at a better time!

4 Secrets to Naturally Boost Testosterone

Brian Klepacki

By Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS, CISSN, FMS
From optimaxperformance.com

Clearwater, Florida

Tablet with the chemical formula of testosterone.

There’s a reason why all men get that feeling after doing something that they enjoy. It’s completely natural to feel more of a man by doing man things: watching a boxing match, growing a Grizzly Adams beard, changing a brake pad on the car, reeling in the big one 30 miles offshore with your buddies, or sinking a 15 foot birdie putt. Whatever gets your manliness going, keep doing it. Continue reading

Eat These 5 Things for Breakfast to Boost T

Brian Klepacki

By Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS, CISSN, FMS
From optimaxperformance.com

Clearwater, Florida

steak and eggs

If there is one thing that will get a man’s attention, it’s FOOD. Men love ‘seefood’. We see food and we eat it. It’s who we are. It’s in our blood and there’s no way to stop us from eating (unless you tie us to a chair and tape our mouths shut).

What if I were to tell you that what you could be eating every morning could have a direct affect on your masculinity? That’s right guys, what you eat for breakfast has an impact on your testosterone levels. Now if you are one of those guys that skips breakfast every morning, SHAME ON YOU. Continue reading

Why Taking Your Date to the Movies May be Ruining Your Sex Life

Written by: Anthony Alayon, Certified Sports Nutritionist

Movie nightOne of the major complaints many people have as they get older is that they no longer have a great sex drive.

In fact, many younger people suffer from this, as well, simply due to too much stress in the workplace, unhealthy diets, and lack of sleep.

Movie dates are considered to be a great way to spend time together with a date.

Continue reading

Oysters: a Powerful Libido KILLER?

Written by: Chris Wilson, Certified Sports Nutritionist


Stretching back more than 1,000 years oysters have been considered as the king of libido boosters. Historically, oysters have been long thought of as a powerful aphrodisiac or love drug.

In fact, both Cleopatra and Casanova loved oysters with the legend being that Casanova ate dozen of oysters every day, believing that this is what kept him virile. Millions of men (and women) have followed his lead, believing the regular consumption of oysters promotes a strong libido. Continue reading

Top 10 Signs You Have Liver Damage

Written by: Mike Westerdal, Sports Nutrition Certified

Liver damage concept.The liver is one of the most important organs in the body, fulfilling vital functions that keep us healthy and alive. One of its most important functions is to help in the digestion process, breaking down complex food particles into energy that our bodies need to survive.

Every time you take a bit of something to eat or consumer any sort of drink, the liver goes to work. Some foods and drinks break down easily while others, such as alcohol and fast foods, take more effort and time to break down. Continue reading

Take THIS Twice Daily to Heal Your Liver

Written by: Mike Westerdal, Sports Nutrition Certified

Doctor with liverA working liver is highly essential for normal body function and for life itself. That’s because it performs a range of duties and is constantly at work, keeping us healthy and operating at optimal levels.

The liver is the largest gland in the body and is responsible for tasks like removing used up blood cells, ridding the body of various toxins, aiding the digestive process and supporting a healthy metabolism. Continue reading

How Steroids Affect Your Health & Liver

Written by: Anthony Alayon, Sports Nutrition Certified

medical background

Although it often appears otherwise, the road to building a rock-solid, strong, muscular body is never easy. Building and maintaining that kind of body takes commitment, discipline, time and lots and lots of effort.

While there are plenty of guys who are willing to do what it takes and work hard to achieve their muscle-building goals, there are always people who want to take shortcuts or look for an ‘easy’ way to get big. Continue reading

If Your Wife Has YOUR Balls in Her Purse, You MUST Eat These 2 Foods Today…

Written by: Anthony Alayon, Certified Sports Nutritionist

leave it to beaverRemember the good old days when Dad got home from work, the kids threw their bikes down in the driveway and everyone gathered around the dinner table for Mom’s home-cooked meal?

Now it’s more like Mom and Dad get home carrying dinner in a bag, one kid eats up in his room playing video games and the other one stares at her cell phone texting her friends while chewing. Continue reading

Can’t Ditch That Spare Tire?….Eat More Of This Manly Food

Written by: Anthony Alayon, Certified Sports Nutritionist

tired-maleDo you feel like you’ve lost your mojo? Do you struggle to burn fat like you used to? Do you lack energy and feel tired throughout the day?

You’re not alone.  Over 13 million men in the United Stated have been reported as experiencing one, if not all of the problems mentioned above which is directly related to Low-T.

Testosterone is responsible for not only helping you build muscle, but also contributes to your ability to burn fat, increase your energy levels, have more stamina, get more respect from others and even determines how much money you’ll make! Continue reading

Are Your Testosterone Levels Dropping Twice As Fast As They Should Be?

Written by: Anthony Alayon, Certified Sports Nutritionist

arrow_lineman-depletedEver hear a guy say, “I’m not HALF the man I used to be…”

Super depressing, right?

You never hear younger men saying stuff like that because most guys in their 20s and early 30s feel pretty darn good any given day. They may even sacrifice sleep to party late into the night more than they should and eat junk they KNOW is bad for them. Hey, life goes on and the consequences of those “bad habits” aren’t debilitating.

And then one day, that guy wakes up and goes, “Whoa, I feel like I’m 55 years old and I’m not even 40 yet…What the heck is going on around here!?” Continue reading

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