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Why St. John’s Wort is Better Than Anti-Depressants

Top view of the herb St. Johns Wort in a bowl on a white background.

Written by: Anthony Alayon, CSN

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, in 2014, more than 15.7 million U.S. adults over the age of 18. had at least one major depressive episode that year.

This is about 6.7% of all U.S. adults. But this is just ONE of the different types of depression that affect millions of Americans every single day.

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3 Solutions to Reduce Stress & Fight Anxiety

depressedWritten by: Anthony Alayon, CSN

So if you find yourself reading this article there is a strong chance you have some sort of stress in your life. Stress is pretty much engrained in everyone these days. I have yet to meet someone who is stress-free. Maybe you have (or maybe you claim to be stress-free) but I have a feeling that those people who claim to be stress-free are just lying.

It’s like that age-old adage about those who are pathological liars, you know, the ones who lie so much they start to believe it…. They lie because they’re so bogged down with stress that their stress starts to look like their normal way of life.

Ok well I got off on a tangent there just a little bit but seriously guys stress affects everyone everywhere all the time. Continue reading

2 Foods That Boost Your Energy Levels & Fight Stress

1234Written by: Anthony Alayon, CSN

What I’m about to share with you is something that will make you say “REALLY?!”. Now before I share these 2 things that naturally boost your energy levels in addition to fighting stress, I want you to know why we feel this is so important for you to know.

If you stick 100 people in a room and ask them a simple question about their energy and their stress level, I would bet all I’ve got that you would get an alarming amount of people who would say the same thing….

“I’m exhausted”

“I’ve got so much going on”

“I need a break” Continue reading

#1 Herb to Fight Depression, Anxiety & Stress

123Written by: Anthony Alayon, CSN

Do you go to battle every day trying to fight depression, anxiety and stress? You aren’t alone. There are millions and millions of people all over the world who live in the state of constant struggle against these real challenges. However the unfortunate part about it is that many of these individuals don’t do a thing about it.

Trust me, I get it. Life is tough. With all the stresses we face daily, there’s no surprise that anti-depressants are one of the top selling pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by doctors. Don’t even think for a second that just because it’s common doesn’t make it acceptable or normal to live like this. Living in continuous stress is not common. We were made to thrive and embrace life to it’s fullest and that’s what we want for you. Continue reading

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