10-Second Strategy for Boosting Testosterone

We now have guys in their 20's and 30's with the testosterone levels that might be expected for men in their 80's.

That's why today's featured topic couldn't come at a better time!

The #1 Ancient Nutrient to Improve Memory

depressedGinkgo biloba, otherwise known as Maidenhair or Salisburia adiantifolia, is a plant extract that has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese medicine to improve mental acuity and cognitive ability. In fact, research shows that the Gingko biloba plant is the oldest tree species on the planet!

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3 Reasons Memory Prescription Pills Are Dangerous

Skull pillI am sure many of us have wished at times for a little pill to help us mentally, perhaps during a test, or even during a game of chess. Performance enhancing drugs are nothing new. People have been using pharmaceuticals to stay alert and stave off drowsiness for ages. Case in point being Long-haul truck drivers and college students cramming for exams.

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8 Benefits of Turmeric

8 benefits of Turmeric

 A generation ago, there was a shift from natural therapies and treatments to manmade drugs.

Doctors and medical professionals touted the healthy wonders of science, falsely leading millions of people to believe that a lifetime of health and wellness could be had through chemicals and manmade ingredients.

After just a couple decades of this reliance on manmade compounds, people began to again realize that many of the world’s most healthful components are to be found in nature, not in the laboratory.

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